Sunday, April 28, 2013

It was a Saturday night and where was I heading?

It was a Saturday night and where was I heading?........................        

                             Restaurant Alambique!

First things first, make-up! -

  • Apply some light black eyeliner for the eyes of a goddess!
  • Sweep some shimmertastic blush across your cheeks!
  • Some stronghold black Mascara. The lash effect type is best!
  • Firstly, the Hot pink lippy then the rosy pink gloss over the top

Next, the moment when you lay your clothes out on your bed!-

Finally, it's hair time!

  • I left my hair straight and used a brush to flick up the ends
  • I also straightened my fringe to the sides

Now it's time to walk out the door and wait for the boys to wolf whistle!

Love Tina xx

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